Great user interfaces are invisible

My name is Bart van de Biezen. As a cognitive ergonomist, I research, design, write and occasionally speak about user interfaces and usability. You can contact me via email or Twitter.

At heart an advocate for usability.

Every day we become more dependent on software. We all have to adjust. Sometimes without a choice.

I graduated as cognitive ergonomist at Philips Electronics in 2008. The subject was midair pointing for a new generation TV's. I investigated the usability of different pointing methods. Following my bachelors industrial design at the University of Twente, I did my masters in psychology because thorough knowledge of psychology is essential for cognitive ergonomics. After my study I started as usability researcher at MetrixLab in Rotterdam. To focus more on writing about user interfaces and usability, I started my blog in 2009. Currently, I advise, design, and do research at Aan Zee Communication in Noordwijk.

Designing user interfaces is my passion. In 2002, I started to design a program to make CSS more efficient and more transparent. During my study I spend much time writing HTML and CSS code. I convinced a friend in Belgium to build this concept. In 2007 this program, CSSEdit, won an Apple Design Award.

The success of a good user interface depends on the whole and the details. If I have to characterize myself, I say I am always looking to improve users's workflows. To achieve efficient workflows at all levels, good user interfaces are needed. My ambition is to design and improve products significantly with my ideas about user interface design and usability.

You can contact me via email or Twitter, GitHub, or Flickr.